On March 24 / June 9 / October 20, 2019, the popular children’s days will take place. The little ones and adults have the opportunity on these days, with the speleologists of the sections Bern and Interlaken to try out various activities, such as rappelling and abseiling in a harness, pulleys, etc. In addition, other activities await our guests – a must for the whole family! cavers Under the guidance of the speleologists, the children can safely climb and abseil, practice pulleys and ladder climbing Location: Waiting place at the restaurant Demo show of speleologists who rappel in the cauldron. Location: In the cave Under guidance the children can put Bohrhaken. Location: playground scavenger hunt Location: entire area incl. Cave and museum In front of the museum or ticketing the competitions will be distributed. The Children go alone with their parents Hunt to answer all questions. Completed competitions can be at Take-away or in the museum. For this, each child receives a rocket ice cream.