The St Beatus Caves offer the ideal blend of education and entertainment in a fun learning environment for all ages. St Beatus Caves offers two options – public or private – both of which will transform school and college trips into a day of discovery. Students will explore the history of the caves and their unique geology, against the beautiful backdrop of nature.


St Beatus Caves offers guided tours which depart around every 45 minutes between 9.45 and 17.00. The groups are organised on a first come, first served basis throughout the day, depending on the number of visitors; the maximum number of visitors per group is fifty. Due to the flexible organisation of tours, you are not able to choose an exact departure time.
Guided tours are always in two languages – German and English.
Groups who join a guided tour pay the normal ticket price for one person. We ask that groups of 10 or more make a reservation in advance – this is to guarantee the quality of your visit.

Contact us to make a reservation :

+4133 841 16 43 or


St Beatus Caves also offers private guided tours for schools, provided that the class has at least 15 members. The group will consist exclusively of your students and will not be open to members of the public. You will pay a supplement of 180chf for the group to guarantee exclusivity, plus the individual entrance fee per person.
For these private tours, schools can choose the departure time and also the duration of the tour – from 55 to 90 minutes. The group will consist of only students and a tour guide, and the tour can be conducted in three languages – German, English or French.
Are you a teacher, in charge of organising trips?

Contact us to book your private tour :

+4133 841 16 43 or