St Beatus Caves Museum & Beatus-Shop

Entrance to the museum is included in the price of the Caves.

Your visit to the museum is accompanied by an audio guide, which guides you through the 11 themed sections. 25 audio guides are available; we ask that groups book in advance to ensure that all members have access to a guide. The audio guides are available in 3 languages ; French, English and German.
A visit to the museum is also an excellent alternative for those who, whatever the reason, cannot walk the 1000metres of underground walkways of the St Beatus Caves. The museum can be visited separately.
The museum is situated in a house in the forest (Waldhaus), near to the main road.

The renovation of the Museum was possible thanks to the support and expertise of the following people, who St Beatus Caves would particularly like to thank :

Andreas Wegmüller (Architect)
Susanne C. Jost (Museum expert of MMBE Bern)
Philip Häuselmann (Geologist)
Marcel Nyffenegger (Reconstruction of Flurlingen)


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One of nature’s wonders

What type of rock are the caves made of?  How did they form?  Discover all the secrets of the caves in the museum


The animals of the Jungfrau region

Discover the animals of this unique area and find out how they flourish in the mediterranean micro-climate – both inside and outside the caves!

A unique experience

The world-renowned St Beatus Caves

The St Beatus Caves enjoy an international reputation for excellence, despite its modest size; this is due in no small part to its diverse, richly informative museum and tours. A truly great day out for all the family.