St. Beatus Caves

Release the dragon! Hunted by St Beat, a 6th century monk, the story goes that the mythological creature took shelter in this this extraordinary geological site – St Beatus Caves, next to the the lakes of Interlaken. Explore deep into the very heart of the mountain along over a kilometre of well-lit walkways, and discover stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed by nature over millions of years ; the rock formations themselves creating a truly indescribable atmosphere deep underground. Visit the Cave Museum and learn more! Fun and informative, the museum uses the latest infotainment technologies to bring the Caves’ history to life.



1 km from a world beyond our time

A natural garden


With products from the region

A great history


historical, Caving, Karstology, wildlife

Spring 2016

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EXPLORE APP: The new interactive Tour Guide There is a new free App avaiable (Download Apple Store or Google Play) for our visitors. The App offers you some interesting informations…


A new playground in St. Beatus

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On April 8, 2016, the new playground was inaugurated. The short winter break has been optimally utilized by the existing playground completely renew, an original wooden castle, new playground equipment…


Organise a party !

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Contact Us – We will be happy to create a program for your project ! From appetizer to festive 5-course menu , enjoy this unique environment to immortalize your event!


Mother’s Day in St. Beatus

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On 8 May 2016 Mother’s Day ! A rosy surprise awaits the ladies! Furthermore, our catering team conjures up culinary delights for you again . Enjoy a wonderful day with…

A fantastic journey with the kids, They loved the caves and the playground.

Arnaud Weber - Creative Director

One of the most beautiful places I have seen, had the best Tomatoe soup at the restaurant.

Theo Maryna Potgieter

A nice place to visit for the whole Family

Beat Ruf